Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence computing vision engine

Understand essence of images, recognize and locate objects
Empower EMBEDDED DEVICES with Cameras to become SMARTER

Our Solution

NSFW Moderation

Our state-of-the-art technology can recognizes images and categorize in 3 labels, normal content, nudity, porn with 98% accuracy in under 150ms using only ONE core of the CPU. Our Adult Content Moderation SDK run advanced type of analysis by identifying exact location in images where the Inappropriate Content can be present. Out-of-the-box solution, documentation, APIs for integration the SDK, code sample.

Cameras or drones

Smart cameras and drones, truly intelligent scene analytics that trigger alarms and rules when are necessary. Protect large perimeter, Smart virtual fence, identify weapons and violence or fire in scenes, locate and track objects. Face recognition and Unique face IDs , Our Visual Recognition Tools can be can quickly integrated with existed video security management systems and CCTV cameras. Analytics and reports, assets & utility management.

Video platform & ads servers

Give the user a contextual advertising based on what kind of video is watched and what is truly in that video, using our SDK. Optimize SEO videos for discovery.Accurate tags associated to a specific video, looked for in a video-search-engine, are key for delivering video ads.

OOH Advertising

Interactive outdoors advertising, re-targeting base on Unique Face IDs, gender, age analytics. Quantify your audience. Give to people contextual advertising.

Our Software

Visual recognition Analytics Tools solution. Can be deployed in machines ranging from embedded devices to servers. The only difference is the number of the cameras that can be process. Add live streams from cameras, draw virtual fences for triggering alarms and rules and count the numbers of objects, face recognition, unique face IDs, detect gender and age, track unique IDs on all cameras. All that in a very intuitive way, furthermore you can see the analytics reports and integrate with third parties applications, and VMS.

Train Elephants By the sea Street view


Local processing

Visual recognition on embedded devices at frame by frame level

Any OS

Supporting all major OS

Hardware agnostic

Any processor architecture(ARM/MIPS/MIPSEL/ SIMD/x86/x64) freedom of portability

Accurate and fast

Accuracy rate of 93-98% and fast objects localization, also using GPU co-processors from devices you can identify and localize objects very fast in less than 20ms

About Us

Our believe put in a first place the conception that deep neural network need to be run directly into devices and Visual Recognition combine with Deep Reinforcement Learning represent the next step in AI IoT Vision devices. We created our own AI technology that can recognize and understand and locate objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Address: Nicolae Iorga Street, No. 3, Iasi, Romania
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